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The collars are sewn to measure according to the dog's neck size. You can choose widths from 2.5 cm to 6 cm. From a width of 2.5 - 4 cm small webbing are used, and from 4.5 - 6 cm large webbing are used. The collars are durable, sewn with webbing and softshell / skai (leather) for padding. 

Note that the width includes the padding. As an example, the 4 cm choice of width will be 2.5 cm of webbing and the remaining 1.5 cm is padding together above and below. You can also see pictures which is showing how some of the different widths are with padding and webbing.


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Black, reflex, camo (limited 30 mm width), gray, sand, brown, white, red, orange, yellow, lime, * green, ^ dark green, army green, sea blue, sky blue, blue, navy blue, royal purple, light pink, bright pink

* with 38 mm

^ with 25 mm 


Black, reflex, red lego, grey lego, colorful lego, triangle camo, red, orange, neon yellow, pink, dark pink, light pink, royal blue, blue, petrol, navy blue, aqua, dark turquoise, yellow, army green, neon green, limegreen, forest green, light purple, purple, dark brown, copper and white


All colors

The photo below shows you what is webbing, padding, text, color/reflective edge and symbols.


- Half Chocke

Half chocke  does not suffocate the dog. It is made with an automatic adjustment depending on whether the dog is loose or on a leash. At its tightest, it wraps around the neck so that the dog cannot pull it over its head, but the padding makes a stop so that the dog does not suffocate. This is tightened when the dog pulls on the leash, and releases automatically when it stopps pulling. When its fully released you can pull the necklace over the dog's head, and that's how it should be taken off. 

This type is suitable for all dogs, but is especially suitable for dogs with a lot of fur, or dogs that easily get gnawed. This is because the collar in the free state will be very loose and free around the neck.

Half chocke is made standard with the "adjustment" part in webbing, but it can also be ordered in gold or silver chain.  

- Buckle collar

Buckle collar is a none-adjustable collar that is relatively tight to the dog's neck (depending on the customer's wishes). It should not tighten to much, but it should also not be so loose that the dog can step it over its head. This type is opened and closed by a bucklet. The bucklet is standard in black hard plastic, but is also available in metal. 

- Adjustable buckle collar

Adjustable buckle collar is the same type as a buckle collar, but with adjustment. The part that can be adjusted is made without padding. 

- Adjustable collar without bucklet

Tightening is a collar without a bucklet with the possibility of being adjusted. Here you have to regulate it to be able to take it off, and it will then be threaded over the dog's head. When you put it on, it must be tightened so that it fits the dog's neck in a good way without the dog being able to pull it off. This type is only made in two widths as the adjustments are only made in the webbing width. You can then choose between 2.5 cm or 4 cm. 


Most things can be made, feel free to place wishes in the order. I mainly make silhouettes / simple patterns, so I can not guarantee that I can make very detailed symbols. At 2.5 cm in webbing, the symbols are also much smaller than those of 4 cm webbing width, so large width is an advantage for more details.


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