Needed measurements

NOTE: At the bottom is an illustrative picture of all measurements of the dog and the sizes.


Measurement 1: Measure on one side of the neck from between the shoulder blades and down to the sternum.  

This dog is 29 cm.

Measurement 2: Measure from the sternum, below between the forelegs and just behind the forelegs. 

This dog is 26 cm.

Measurement 3: Measure from between the shoulder blades, over the back, and behind to where the ribs stop. 

This dog is 32 cm.

Measurement 4: Measure from the top of the back where the ribs stop, down the side and below to just behind the forelegs.

This dog is 39 cm.

Service sign:

Measurement 5: Measure around the dog's chest, some distance behind the front legs.

This dog is 73 cm.


Under 49 cm in BO, S-M at service sign

50-69 cm in BO, M-L at service sign

Over 70 cm in BO, L-XL at service sign