The products, returns and errors 

There is no right of return as the products are individually customized to each individual customer. I make solid products that are made to withstand a lot. I will at all times offer personal service and answer questions as best I can. 

The products are made of a durable material, but there is no guarantee that they can withstand violent jerks even if they can withstand a lot. Black, gray and sand nylon are a little coarser than the other colors. If the product gets damaged, please contact me by email. 

If I sew wrong, get in touch and I will solve it in the best possible way. If you find that the measurements you sent were wrong, just send me an email so I can adjust the size if possible. 


You will recieve an invoice and I start producing after it is paid. Payment can be done with vipps or bank transfer. 


All packages are regular shipped with tracking. At the moment I can ship in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Upon request, I can possibly ship to other parts of the world as well. 

Share images 

The photos I take after production are published immediately unless I am told in advance to wait. Always let me know if there are gifts in any way so I do not publish until the gift is delivered. 

Customer photos are published with the owner's permission if I receive photos. 

All photos of products taken by me are allowed to share as long as the copyright in the left corner is included and the photo stay unedited. It must also be informed that the picture is borrowed / that the product comes from me. 

Personal information 

Personal information such as mobile numbers on the products, or other contact information will not be shared. Any mobile numbers are hidden in the pictures, and I always ask the owner for permission if there is a picture of their dog carrying a product from me.