Borgos Design

Personal  animal equipment based on your wishes.

Photo: Line Øren

Welcome to Borgos Design

Borgos Design produces handmade dog equipment with a good quality at a favorable price. Everything is made personally and to measure, personal customer service is a matter of course. In the curtain menu you can find all the products as well as the order form, general info such as prices, colors, fonts and terms can be found under "about us". 

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Welcome for a nice bargain!

Design your own dog collar!

Do you want something no one else has? Maybe the standard sizes do not fit? 

Here you can order a unique collar for your dog. Large color range, different types, infinite fonts, custom symbols and optional text give you the freedom to choose what you want. Only the imagination can set limits! 

PS: Borgos Design also makes a lot of other exciting equipment, browse on to see everything in the range. 

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Tailor-made dog harness!

Nothing is like a tailor-made dog harness made just for your dog. It gives a better fit, and here you can also mix colors, text and symbols exactly as you want. Borgos Design is makes for dogs of all ages, with options for adjustment on the entire harness if desired. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch, or send an order! 

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A leash to the collar or the harness?

At Borgos Design, you can order ordinary dog leash in different lengths with text. Here it is possible to match it with other products, or you can run your very own style! 

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Do you train agility with your dog? 

Borgos Design makes soft braided agility leashes, perfect as a reward for your dog. You can either have it separately or sewn in one with the dog collar. 

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Working dog!

Do you struggle with being disturbed during training? 

Service signs are a great way to enlighten people around and get the distance you need. Borgos Design sews these in four standard sizes with adjustable straps in elastic and of course they can be ordered in many colors! 

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Tired of having many different components for the training? 

The all-in-one product is a stitched track harness, gps pocket and service sign. Everything is fastened with three clips and the dog is ready to train! 

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Horse halter! 

It is not only specially made dog equipment at Borgos Design, you can also order a completely personal halter for your horse! 

The halters are made in many colors, and with custom text over the nose you will be able to create something completely unique. The sizes are standard, but do not hesitate to get in touch if you want something in between. 

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